Letsignit is now referenced by Also
Letsignit is starting a strategic partnership with Also to expand the marketing of its offer in new markets on a European scale.

This announcement is part of Letsignit’s sales policy, which puts the indirect distribution of its solution at the center of its growth strategy. It is in this context that the publisher, after having built a solid distribution network in France, is now widely selling its offer internationally and especially in Europe via the Also Marketplace.

With the cloud messaging explosion, the mission of the Information System Direction has been modified to become a real value center, looking for global solutions, agile and profitable. By providing customers with a free email signature solution integrated with Office 365 migrations, Letsignit wishes to take advantage of this dynamic by offering their Freemium Offer.

“We are proud to have concluded this far-reaching agreement that will greatly boost our growth in Europe and allow us to reference within this Marketplace. We rely on the power of Also to access new opportunities. Explains Sebastien Telouk, Sales Director at Letsignit.

“Letsignit’s offer will profoundly revolutionize the email signature management market. This innovative solution meets many uses and allows companies to industrialize and simplify a complex process to implement. These elements make Letsignit a high-potential solution and we will deploy a large-scale device to increase its commercialization in Europe, “says Yohann Assoune, Head of Consumptional Business.

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