Your collaborators, your best ambassadors

Collaborators are often forgotten in the digital transformation plan of companies. And yet it is they who have the most power to change things.

Employee advocacy is an employer-branding technique that aims to transform employees into ambassadors, particularly on social networks. To succeed in its strategy, rules must be respected.

3 rules are identified :

• To confront the reality of commitment
• Conquer your ambassadors
• Register in the duration

Where the concept of “employee advocacy” is innovative, is in the fact that it is an approach organized and supervised by the marketing and communication departments. The employee ambassadors are then encouraged, trained and even rewarded for their action of representing the brand or company. In some cases, the publication process on the employees’ social accounts can be automated or facilitated through an employee advocacy platform (Socially Map, So-Buzz, Smarp …) or a content management platform (Hootsuite, Buffer, Agorapulse …).

This new approach can be explained by the fact that the scope and potential for influence of employees has increased considerably with the rise of social networks.

87% of B2B marketers use social networks to distribute their content.

The use of an employee advocacy scheme has different advantages in a B2B context. First of all, it increases the audience of broadcast content beacause customers or prospects more often, follow the professional social accounts of employees other than that of ones from the company. Secondly, it makes the add more personal, because it comes from an individual and not a business account. It also values employees (consultants, salesmen, etc.) towards prospects/customers by ensuring the diffusion of relevant professional content on their accounts.

From this era, where the competition is getting stronger everyday, where the consumers are more and more volatile and where communication is mutliplying, the increase of visibility is vital for any brand.
But companies still walk straight past their most powerful asset to increase the scope of content: their employees.


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