Letsignit raises 5 million euros
Letsignit announces a funding round of €5 million for its international development

The publisher of signature management solutions for Office 365, which has received significant support from Microsoft, has announced a funding round of €5 million from Entrepreneur Venture, various Business Angels and management to speed up its international development.

Email signatures: pure and simple

Letsignit has understood the extent of the opportunity presented by the migration of email to the cloud and aims to work with every global user of Office 365.

Letsignit helps companies to control their brand image by providing the companies’ communication and, sometimes, IT departments with a solution to create and distribute standardized email signatures. The publisher can boost the performance of companies’ communication campaigns by sharing them via email signatures in a controlled and targeted way.

Letsignit is convinced that interpersonal communication and, in particular, daily emails are some of the most effective ways to convey a company’s image. Every day, an employee sends more than 30 emails to external contacts; in a company with 300 employees, this represents more than 2 million opportunities every year.

Letsignit wants to use this funding to accelerate its international development and aims to share its solution with 10,000,000 users in the next 5 years. The publisher intends to expand its distribution network by developing new global structuring agreements, strengthen its teams with the hiring of 80 employees over the next 3 years and open a new subsidiary in Seattle to work more closely with Microsoft.

In addition to this funding round, Jean-Gérard Galvez (the former CEO of ActivCard) and Thomas Savare (Managing Director of Oberthur) have been appointed to the publisher’s board of directors.

Damien Neyret, CEO of Letsignit says “After confirming the relevance of our model at a national level, we’re entering a new chapter in our history. Our goal is clear! We want to provide a simple and accessible solution to manage the email signatures of every company around the world which uses or is migrating to Office 365. By democratizing access to it, we enable our clients, particularly business units, to use an innovative tool and capitalize on an important and often underestimated asset. ”

Bertrand Folliet, co-founder of Entrepreneur Venture, adds “Letsignit’s unique approach in designing a solution adapted to companies’ new expectations for digital communication appealed to us. Letsignit is perfectly integrated with Office 365 and has all the attributes required for massive international development. In addition to its industrial approach, Letsignit can also rely on its management team which has demonstrated its ability to achieve continued growth since the founding of the company. 


About Entrepreneur Venture:

Founded in 2000, Entrepreneur Venture is an AMF and AIFM independent asset management company which specializes in unlisted companies, owned and managed by their founders. It manages 4 venture capital funds, 3 venture capital funds invested in innovative and high-tech companies and 27 investment funds with assets of more than €600m. Entrepreneur Venture is a major player in SME equity and bond financing and has completed more than 140 investment transactions.


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